Friday, 9 October 2009

look at my cake! look at my scones!

hello hello. Whoops I haven't posted for ages. I'm not sure why, I have been reading others, buying lots (and lots...and lots) of treasures, and even actually CRAFTING!
I have also been baking! yes, actually using my bowl/scales/aprons/cake tin/cookie cutter collections instead of just ooh-ing and ah-ing and displaying them.

gratuitous baking pic...

gratuitous apron collection pic...

I made my mummy this cake for her birthday. It was the first cake anyone had made her since she was a little girl!!!! shocking stuff. She was very impressed by my baking talents

gratuitious cakey close-up

and I made scones too!

mmmmmm with cranberrys instead of boring old raisins. wow i feel so domestic x


  1. ME!!!
    I'm on my way yummy that all looks, not to mention, so vintage-tastic!xxx

  2. how lovely!! clever girl! I love scones!! x

  3. ps yesiree! I made my lovely crafty fairy! she always has a pin in her skirt, she is my muse! heehee! such nonsense, eh, MrsB?! x

  4. You have been busy haven't you!

    Victoria xx

  5. You domestic goddess, you!

    It all looks great - can't wait to see and hear more...

  6. MMM they look SCRUMMY!!! Well done you domestic goddess!!
    Annie x


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