Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the vintage bedding fairy has been!

I tiptoed through to bed at midnight last night....

and look! the vintage bedding fairy has been! and brought me a grannylicious candlewick bedspread!
mmmm pink
mmmm textured

mmmmm fringed

mmmmm snug as a bug in a candlewick rug!

thanks vintage bedding fairy! (she is the tooth fairy's sister, dontcha know).

And remember - every time you say you don't believe in the vintage bedding fairy, some fool with no taste throws their grannys eiderdown in a skip! You have been warned!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

3-6-9 the goose drank wine...

My mama brought me this little lady from a car boot sale a few days ago. She has made herself right at home in my dollies house.

She totally reminds me of one of my most loved songs


My friend once said that it made no sense, as who would want a rubber dolly AND be old enough to be kissing soldiers? then she said "oh wait, I can't believe I just asked you that"

I don't know what she means....

I much prefer sailors ;)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm baaaaa-aaack!

Did you miss me? I haven't actually been anywhere - my aged laptop finally gave up the fight and refused to switch on/sparked when I poked it last week.

So I now have a shiney new laptop, ooooh! (oh but the expense! I will not think about how many bargainous treasures it equates to, I shan't I shan't!)
£1 treasures like this dolly
And this knitting bag plus a few sets of my favourite coloured knitting needles

Or this fabby 'bambi' cross stitch

Which I have hung in my bedroom on my little £2 shelf that I have finally put up
Or the 50p wire heart I have finally hung beneath it (filled with cards that a few of you may recognise - plus my prized possession, a cupcake birthday card from 'the' colin & justin!)
Oh no. I'm not thinking about all the glorious pretty things that might have been
:( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! why do boring necessities cost so much????
I am going to try and cheer myself up later with a cup of tea and an early night with not one but TWO brand new (to me) sets of pillow cases on my bed. Pretty rock and roll, huh?

Sunday, 13 September 2009

humph :(

Boo hiss. I tried to get an early night last night, but my plan was scuppered by noisy people being noisy in my flat until very very late :(

Then I got up this morning, opened my curtains, and found out that my little windowbox garden had been BURGLED!

I had a little dolly sized watering can tied up just next to the birdhouse but it has been nicked during the night :(

I had better try and cheer myself up. Here are some pictures of my (10 year old) puppy Lucy (who is actually my mummy and daddys puppy)

All snuggled up in my granny blanket

Awwwww. Lucy and I won a3rd place rosette in the 'dog and owner most alike' category at a village fete last summer. I take this as a compliment!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it's needlewoman!

Remember this book I got a few weeks ago? Care for a nosey inside?

You know you are on to a winner when this is the first page...

I want to be this little girl!

Or maybe I'd rather be this vampy lady

I quite fancy making this tea cosy

or I could knock up a pair of 'evening mitts'

I love these little pixies too

And if anyone ever gets the urge to crochet their own brassiere let me know, I can sent you the instructions!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

kitcheny bits

I finally found a home for these swap biscuit ornaments from annie. I re-jigged some stuff in the kitchen to fit this basket in, filled it with my vintage apron collection, and decorated it with the biscuits! Hope you like it - I risked life and limb taking this photo (kinda, I got pins and needles while standing on a chair)

While we are in the kitchen do you want a peek at my 'hanging tat' collection (where I put all my teeny tiny kitcheny bits)? I soted it out yesterday...well, it's as sorted as it gets

Eggcups and eggcosy type bits up the top

Teapot stands and teabag holdery bits in the middle (plus a gingerbread man that 'santas wife' fancied up with gingham)

And, em, rusty old tins and cookie cutter bits down the bottom

ps - thanks for all the get well soons - I am still sneezing away though!

Monday, 7 September 2009

dolls and sneezes

oh look, its been cold and autumny for about 2 minutes and I have a cold already :(

I got a few bits and bobs at the weekend, as usual, including some more bedding/blankets (yes I am obsessed). they are in the wash at the moment so no photos yet.

I also got these 2 little ladies (sorry about the dark photo)

I rescued the baby doll, she was all lost and lonely on the street. She was naked when I found her, but about 2 minutes after I picked her up I went into a charity shop and came across this little outfit for 50p. Couldn't resist.

I also 'needed' this little dutch doll. She was the cutest one out of a collection of costume dolls, but she had lost her shoes so I shamelessly nicked the plastic yellow clogs off her friend. I am bad to the bone, oh yes.

Right, I'm off to find a cure for the common cold (may involve tea, blankets, and an evening of TV)

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Before it rolls round to the weekend again, I had better catch you up with last weekends thrifty finds

I started off on friday afternoon, selflessly giving all my money to charity.

Well, in exchange for a few bits and pieces. Not quite as selfless as I make out perhaps...

blue buttons, fabulously ugly shell necklace, and a snowdrop brooch that reminds me of my grans garden, which was at the bottom of the button box (the brooch, not the garden...although I do like the sound of having a garden at the bottom of a button box)

Vintage pillowcases and some more coloured knitting needles

THE MOST AMAZING cross stitch kitten cushion in the world

And an 'extortionate' teapot. Thats right ladies and gents, I spent five whole pounds on one item. I tried to put it down to conserve my finances, I really did. But it was a lost cause. We are in love. And I do need another teapot... what if my other 3 break?! A gal's gotta be prepared...

Ahem, anyway, on to my traditional saturday tour of jumble sales/table sales/fetes... I hit the jackpot on one bargainous bric a brac stall

Green glass flower bowl and posy mirror (been hankering after one of these mirrors for ages)

Queen mothers 90th birthday mug (to go with my very favourite fergie & andrew wedding mug - I have an odd sense of humour) and a little floral eggcup and sugar bowl thingie

Old mini biscuity trays, 2 pudding bowl/moulds, and an ugly utensil holder chef with a wee face that only a mother could love ;)

And a cute cute cute blue teacup and yellow mini-cake standy thingie

Look how nicely it goes with me new teapot! Tea-riffic, if I do say so myself

I also picked up some material bits for crafting

An abbacus...which will surely come in very handy, no? Some vintage hankies, and brand new peach blossom perfume & elizabeth arden creams

A few books & ladybird flashcards

I'm not sure how old 'The real life picture book' is but I'm guessing it is pretty old as this toddler is SMOKING!!!!

And a little brass cupid charm, which was my only purchase from a little antique fair I popped into. My mother rather cruelly named him 'wee gnome-sh*te' (!) as she thought I had been ripped off (£3) - a lot more than I usually pay but I got it down from £5, and I know it costs them a lot to hire out a stall!

Ah, another job well done.

another parcel and another blog award!

Oooh, you blog ladies are really spoiling me!

First of all I got this lovely blog award from the very talented Suzie over at itch2stitch. Thanks Suzie, I really appreciate it!

Then I got this fab swap parcel from Annie at birdcages & butterflies

My first swap, yay! And boy was I pleased when I opened it! So many thoughtful handmade goodies!

I asked for this party ring in exchange for some ladybird book magnets (it is supposed to be a decoration but I specially requested it in pendant form so I can wear it ;-) )

But I also got a little bag full of other super cute biscuit decorations!

And as if that wasn't enough, Annie also popped in a delightful set of handpainted magnetic peg clips and handmade heart earings!

All topped off with a pin-up card and a butterfly and birdcage tag!

And yes, Annie, I am in fact a redhead! Well guessed/imagined! although I am auburn rather than strawberry blonde. But really, this pin-up girl could be my twin...

Although this portrait is the spitting image too ;)

So sweet! Thanks Aiden!

So as you can imagine I am a very very very happy bunny! I love it all so much, you're so clever at crafting! Thanks again Annie!