Thursday, 26 November 2009

feeling pious

Apparently little girls like to dress up as brides - I didn't, I always wanted put a blanket over my head to be a nun!

I had very romantic, fanciful notions of piety (I blame some of the stories in my vintage bunty annuals!)
I still have a little bit of a 'thing' about being a nun to this day

I got this little carved angel from a jumble sale when I was about 6 or 7, so I could play at being a pious nun
I don't think i would make a good nun in real life through - no. 10 'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours goods' - I am forever coveting vintage treasures
so, I think I am stuck with the occasional pious daydream and trinket
But that won't stop me enjoying the jam I got at a church fair last saturday, 'Blessed and approved by the Cannon', apparently!
And I still adore my 'Monastique' (I kid you not!) rose hand cream made by australian nuns, that I won at tombola at a nunnery :)


  1. Hello!
    Such a cute the Nun's!
    Bless em!xxx

  2. Did you enjoy the Sound of Music, too? I think I may have been put off the idea by going to a convent school...

    I have bought some French embroidered nighties which I've been told are nuns' night dresses from a convent.

  3. Dolly, I received my Secret Santa package today... thank you sooooo much!!! I was squealing as soon as I saw the Victoria Plum bag - it's fantastic... and all the other goodies, I can see me sitting with a cocktail on Christmas Eve already (wearing my new Christmas tree earrings of course!)

    Thank you so much... I'm having a manic week and off to a wedding this weekend so will be posting my swap next week if ok

    Thank you once again

    Victoria xxx

  4. Ave! Really enjoyed your post! love the little angel! suzie. xxx

  5. Dolly, I love the nun doll! I am afraid I have the same problem - coveting others vintage treasures. Thanks for visiting today! Have a great week! Twyla

  6. a nuns nightie? now, that would just complete my collection perfectly!


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