Monday, 9 November 2009

label love

I heart sticky labels at the moment. How much greater is this little blanket, just cos of the little sticky label that was on it - "crocheted by a 90 year old lady"
And I nearly missed buying this ugly little box until I noticed the label - "full of buttons"




One of my greatest thrills in life is riffling through an old button box (I'm sure you blog ladies understand!)

What i like even more than the pretty buttons are the random little 'treasures' that inevitably seem to find their way into button boxes. I am quite sure I must have been a magpie in a former life...


  1. Those three little words...

    'Full of buttons'.

    Indeed, it says it all! Lovely finds.

  2. Great finds as usual!!! Do you ever have no luck thrifting?!!!

    Victoria xxx

  3. I want a blanket crocheted by a 90 year old woman!!!
    Thought I'd visit to say hi to everyone taking part in the Secret Santa Swap! What a great blog! another one to add to my reading list!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  4. Hi Dolly - have just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading through your posts and looking at your pics. I'll be back again soon - Caroline x

  5. Your Lucy looks so cosy under that blankie!

    I have lovely little silver name brooches that were discovered in my great-aunts & grandma's button boxes, so button boxes can be a source of treasure!



Thank you for all your comments! I get ridiculously pleased whenever I get one! xxx