Monday, 23 November 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

This week my christmas stocking swap parcel arrived! Yay! I was a very lucky girl and got paired with Lyn from everyday life. Wanna see?

Here is my stocking. Ooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhh

Here is what jumped out of my stocking, double ooooh ahhhhh

Clever Lyn must have phoned santa and found out that chocolate coins are always a stocking essential for me!

Now, I wasn't entirely sure if i was supposed to open the parcels right away or wait until christmas?

This little felt pouch wasn't wrapped, so it was clearly fair game to open it!

And i could half see through the tissue paper of this parcel. It looked like christmas cards so I thought I had better open it as well...

Yay christmas ladybird illustrations! I am sooooooo not giving these away, they are destined for my wire heart card holder!

And then i remembered spying this post and, hmmmm

Yipee, I was right! it was a bunting shaped package! And, as you can imagine, by that time I was on a bit of a roll, so I decided to go ahead and open the rest of the parcels!

fabric star decoration, cute polka dot notebook, and chocolates (that are sadly no longer with us...)

Pretty pretty pretty ribbon brooch

And twit-twoo, a little knitted owl! What a cutie!

Group shot!

Thank you so much Lyn, I love my first christmas present of 2009! I literally cannot wait to hang that bunting! not long now, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yipeeeee yayayayayayayay (overexcited overgrown child noises)

I am off to do some wrapping now so I can post a special parcel tomorrow.... am I allowed to put on christmas music yet?


  1. oh lovely give away presents, lady bird prints and chocolate - yummy! fliss xx

  2. I am so glad you like them. I had fun making it up and made my PIF gifts at the same time so no arguing!!!
    Go ahead,....jingle bells, jingle bells... jingle all the way....

  3. Great swap package... I need to pass my goodies from my stocking swap partner!

    I love the Ladybird Christmas cards, so cute!!!

    You most definitely can put on the Christmas music… I’ve had mine in the background the past couple of weeks

    Victoria xxx

  4. What a fab giveaway!
    Thanks for visiting my blog...hope you have some luck with old Tubby ..LOL ;-)


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