Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm baaaaa-aaack!

Did you miss me? I haven't actually been anywhere - my aged laptop finally gave up the fight and refused to switch on/sparked when I poked it last week.

So I now have a shiney new laptop, ooooh! (oh but the expense! I will not think about how many bargainous treasures it equates to, I shan't I shan't!)
£1 treasures like this dolly
And this knitting bag plus a few sets of my favourite coloured knitting needles

Or this fabby 'bambi' cross stitch

Which I have hung in my bedroom on my little £2 shelf that I have finally put up
Or the 50p wire heart I have finally hung beneath it (filled with cards that a few of you may recognise - plus my prized possession, a cupcake birthday card from 'the' colin & justin!)
Oh no. I'm not thinking about all the glorious pretty things that might have been
:( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! why do boring necessities cost so much????
I am going to try and cheer myself up later with a cup of tea and an early night with not one but TWO brand new (to me) sets of pillow cases on my bed. Pretty rock and roll, huh?


  1. The dolly looks so sweet! I love pillowcases and have far more than I will ever need!
    Sorry to read about the burglary! Horrible feeling isn't it. When I lived in Kent pots were stolen from outside my door. I had only just put them out, all gone in a matter of minutes and I didn't even see who took them!
    Isabelle x

  2. OH MY GOSH...My lil sis used to have that exact same dolly and she took it everywhere she went..we were in Holland and she left it ina park never to be seen again...Until now!! Will have to show her your pic hun!!
    Love the shelf and all your pretty cards ;~) it looks fab!!
    Annie x

  3. Everything's looking great. Our computer is sending us all the warning signals - frankly, it's been sending us the signals for about 2 years now, and we've been ignoring them... We are looking at a computer revamp, rather than a whole new machine, especially as I've just taken up Dottie Angel's Challenge, but it may prove impossible. Drat these things, eh? Love the pillowcases - I'm off to crash on my own now!

  4. Sorry to read of your stolen watering can, not nice. Hope you soon find a replacement.
    Love the bambi picture, I do cross stitching so appreciate the work that has gone into it.
    Sleep well on your new pillowcases.
    Carol xx

  5. My lap top seems very unhappy at the moment too, I keep telling it it's not allowed to break! It seems very unfair that all these necessities are so expensive! I am currently mostly moaning about how daunting the prospect of shelling out on a car is!

    Have a great day :-)

    Rose XXX

  6. Just remember if you didn't have a laptop how would you blog and it won't seem so bad!!

    Victoria xx


Thank you for all your comments! I get ridiculously pleased whenever I get one! xxx