Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Before it rolls round to the weekend again, I had better catch you up with last weekends thrifty finds

I started off on friday afternoon, selflessly giving all my money to charity.

Well, in exchange for a few bits and pieces. Not quite as selfless as I make out perhaps...

blue buttons, fabulously ugly shell necklace, and a snowdrop brooch that reminds me of my grans garden, which was at the bottom of the button box (the brooch, not the garden...although I do like the sound of having a garden at the bottom of a button box)

Vintage pillowcases and some more coloured knitting needles

THE MOST AMAZING cross stitch kitten cushion in the world

And an 'extortionate' teapot. Thats right ladies and gents, I spent five whole pounds on one item. I tried to put it down to conserve my finances, I really did. But it was a lost cause. We are in love. And I do need another teapot... what if my other 3 break?! A gal's gotta be prepared...

Ahem, anyway, on to my traditional saturday tour of jumble sales/table sales/fetes... I hit the jackpot on one bargainous bric a brac stall

Green glass flower bowl and posy mirror (been hankering after one of these mirrors for ages)

Queen mothers 90th birthday mug (to go with my very favourite fergie & andrew wedding mug - I have an odd sense of humour) and a little floral eggcup and sugar bowl thingie

Old mini biscuity trays, 2 pudding bowl/moulds, and an ugly utensil holder chef with a wee face that only a mother could love ;)

And a cute cute cute blue teacup and yellow mini-cake standy thingie

Look how nicely it goes with me new teapot! Tea-riffic, if I do say so myself

I also picked up some material bits for crafting

An abbacus...which will surely come in very handy, no? Some vintage hankies, and brand new peach blossom perfume & elizabeth arden creams

A few books & ladybird flashcards

I'm not sure how old 'The real life picture book' is but I'm guessing it is pretty old as this toddler is SMOKING!!!!

And a little brass cupid charm, which was my only purchase from a little antique fair I popped into. My mother rather cruelly named him 'wee gnome-sh*te' (!) as she thought I had been ripped off (£3) - a lot more than I usually pay but I got it down from £5, and I know it costs them a lot to hire out a stall!

Ah, another job well done.


  1. WOW LOVE that Mirror!!!
    In fact as usual you did very well!!!
    You are very saintly giving all this money to charity ;~)
    Did you see my post with Aidy eating the sweeties you sent him? He sent you a cheeky wink!!
    Annie x

  2. WOW you have some great charity shops near you!

    I love tea cups with the floral in the inside.

    Victoria x

  3. OOOohhhhh How lovely the cup and saucer are....oh I really like that so much!
    Sucj a wonderful bunch of lovely stuff!xxx

  4. Wonderful things - your button tin finds are really my kind of thing. Yesterday, to my enormous surprise, I found a button drawer in the French charity shop I've visited loads of times - I don't know how I didn't realise it was there before! I had a wonderful 'fouille' (rummage) and filled a small plastic bag. Along with a smart woolen blanket and three or four pieces of vintage linen, some of it embroidered, I paid five euros! I'm going to have to get photographing...

  5. you have been busy finding lots of pieces!

    that cushion is very cute :-)

    Rose XXX

  6. Of course you need another teapot !!!! doesnt everyone lol... I dont blame you for wanting it I'd love it. You had some very good finds.

  7. Gosh how lovely! I wish we had such wonderful charity shops nearby. I never find things like that! Lucky you! Suzie. XXX

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say thank you for visiting and your lovely comments on my blog too! Suzie. Xxx


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