Thursday, 24 September 2009

3-6-9 the goose drank wine...

My mama brought me this little lady from a car boot sale a few days ago. She has made herself right at home in my dollies house.

She totally reminds me of one of my most loved songs

My friend once said that it made no sense, as who would want a rubber dolly AND be old enough to be kissing soldiers? then she said "oh wait, I can't believe I just asked you that"

I don't know what she means....

I much prefer sailors ;)


  1. ARGHHH HAD TO SCREAM CAUSE I SOOO HAD THAT RECORD!!!! forgot completley about it!! thanks for sharing it!!!
    Annie x

  2. She's cute! I don't know the song, and yet, I think I may get it...

  3. I remember it............ and doing the dance!
    Thanks for the memory!

  4. I remember that song! cute dolly! Suzie. x

  5. Cute doll for your collection,

    Victoria x

  6. pretty doll, every photo on yur blog looks lovely, will you give us a tour of your flat, id love to see your vintage collection! fliss x

  7. What an adorable doll :) Enjoy your sewing book, it is lovely isn't it, all the old fashioned words. I love it too when it talks about dressing appropiately for dinner ;)



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