Tuesday, 8 September 2009

kitcheny bits

I finally found a home for these swap biscuit ornaments from annie. I re-jigged some stuff in the kitchen to fit this basket in, filled it with my vintage apron collection, and decorated it with the biscuits! Hope you like it - I risked life and limb taking this photo (kinda, I got pins and needles while standing on a chair)

While we are in the kitchen do you want a peek at my 'hanging tat' collection (where I put all my teeny tiny kitcheny bits)? I soted it out yesterday...well, it's as sorted as it gets

Eggcups and eggcosy type bits up the top

Teapot stands and teabag holdery bits in the middle (plus a gingerbread man that 'santas wife' fancied up with gingham)

And, em, rusty old tins and cookie cutter bits down the bottom

ps - thanks for all the get well soons - I am still sneezing away though!


  1. Oh most def worth the pins and needles hun..they look lovingly displayed!! Nice to see the pretties you make loved and treated well in their new home!!
    Love the 'tat holder' too!! ;~)
    Annie x

  2. Lovely Tat holder! It has all those lovelies in the right place! Suzie. xxx


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