Sunday, 13 September 2009

humph :(

Boo hiss. I tried to get an early night last night, but my plan was scuppered by noisy people being noisy in my flat until very very late :(

Then I got up this morning, opened my curtains, and found out that my little windowbox garden had been BURGLED!

I had a little dolly sized watering can tied up just next to the birdhouse but it has been nicked during the night :(

I had better try and cheer myself up. Here are some pictures of my (10 year old) puppy Lucy (who is actually my mummy and daddys puppy)

All snuggled up in my granny blanket

Awwwww. Lucy and I won a3rd place rosette in the 'dog and owner most alike' category at a village fete last summer. I take this as a compliment!


  1. Great way of cheering yourself up - what a sweet, sweet dog! I'm so sorry to hear of the theft though - how silly and nasty.

  2. Oh how sad that your window box was stolen but looks like you and Lucy had fun together.

    Victoria xx

  3. Ah Lucy is beautiful, how cute under the blanket :) You must show us a picture of the 2 of you together :)
    Sorry to hear about your window box.... some mean people about :)

  4. It is sad that a very small number of people (idiots!) spoil what is actually a world full of lovely people! Not many things annoy me, but people who go around hurting and upsetting people with thoughtless behaviour , does! So, you try and have a happy time despite, and give that lovely dog a cuddle! What a sweetie! Suzie. xxx

  5. Ppl are so annoying!
    hope you get a better nights sleep tonight!x

  6. Hi Dolly
    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, i've just been reading all your past posts, i love your blog, your vintage treasures all look yummy, and im very jealous of your found table and your ladybird collection! fliss xx

  7. Hi Dolly,

    Oh, so sorry to hear about your theft! Some people...
    Well done on your rosette though :-)

    Good luck with the crochet - all it takes is a little bit of practice, you will be suprised how quick you get the hang of it!

    Rose XXX

  8. Lucy looks so adorable! I would have felt complimented too! Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. It's been so nice meeting you! Have a nice day. Twyla

  9. What POOHEADS!! SOrry to hear that hunny...lets hope it was a robin hood style of theif you gave it to someone to make their day...although no conselation to you hun xx
    Lucy just looks so cosy!!
    Big hugs
    Annie x


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