Sunday, 23 August 2009

£20 spree....

What can a gal get on a £20 shopping spree at a jumble sale and a couple of table sales, I hear you cry. Are you sitting comfortably? Then lets begin...

Lets start with clothing...

50p for the lot! 2 pairs of shoes, black jeans, and a jumper new with tags. And I couldn't resist this vintage pinny, even through I have far too many already.

This bundle was 'fill a plastic bag for £1' - cropped jeans, 2 tops, 3 vintage windmill hankies, 2 nighties new with tags, scarf, victoria plum bag & vintage handbag

I really like the bag, so let's have a close up!

Now on to the crafty goods - a handmade patchwork bag, 2 handmade cards, 2 balls of 'peter pan' wool, and pink knitting needles (a girl can never have enough pink knitting needles)

Now for the 'clock section' - enamel wall clock for my kitchen, felt man clock, and a pink 'next' watch with a GIANT face (just the way I like watches!)

Do you like my new hot air balloon lampshade? It was 20p and all dusty and tangled. Well, it still is dusty, I just put it up to see what it looked like. I looks ace in real life. Is it wrong to be in love with a dusty lampshade? Is it wrong that every day my house looks more and more like it has been decorated by a child? hmmm....

Homeware and kitchenware now. Handknitted pot hlders anyone? Vintage egg cosie? New stripey ironing board cover (you know, just in case I ever decide to iron anything). Lakeland tupperware thingies? Box full of cupcake recipe cards?

Or how about a new icing set, a set of star shaped placecard holders, 2 polka dot plastic beakers, a glass lid for a pyrex dish, a little bucket or a lakeland plastic lettuce knife (which apparently stops the edges from going brown - this has been on my jumble sale wish list for ages)

I also picked up a 'few' bits of jewellery. Just 7 necklaces, a bracelet and a pair of earrings (ahem)

Boo hoo my camera doesn't seem to like close-ups. But you get the jist.

Got to love the phone number of the jewellery shop on the box of this green necklace - 'FOU 1407-8 (2 Lines)'. When were phone numbers last like that???

Not many books/dvds today - a few old fairytale books, a big 30's-ish needlecraft book (which seems to be magazines bound together rather than a book??), and a copy of 'school for seduction' which I remember wanting to see at the cinema a million years ago.

Nearly at the end now. Just a few knick knacks to go. Vintage red gingham bed for a dolls house, little shell box, and a glass bauble with sand and shells isnside it.

Another knitted teddy for me to tart up with buttons and bows, and a set of pink russian dolls.

And finally, a butterfly card wallet, a brand new digital photo frame keyring, and a brand new 'burts bees' toiletry set.

I also got 2 vintage christmas decorations and 2 things for my present stash, which I sent away to live at my mums house and forgot to photograph.

Phew. Best haul I have had in a long time! I can't bring myself to tidy it all away yet... I've made a 'display' of goods in my room for me to admire at regular intervals throughout the day ;)


  1. WOW that's some haul! Well done you.

    I LOVE the Victoria Plum bag, I brought a doll a few months back.

    Victoria xx

  2. omg!!! That's fantastic, well done you.... Can I come with you next time? What a great shopper!
    Love the knitted teddy, it's reminded me I need to make one :)

  3. Woah Doll, That was an AMAZING day for finds!!
    Well done you!! You did very well!!!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on the post hun..although am now seriously questioning your aspirations....Did you want to be like Anthea Turner or just to have a wonderfully organised house like hers??? I'm hoping its the latter hun !!!!PMSL!!!
    Only joking hun, I'm sure shes a lovely person really!!!! LOL!!
    I made your pendant for you at work yesterday by the way now the question is, sparkles or no sparkles? I have put it on a jump ring so you can hang it off what you want hun x

    Annie x
    P.S This ones made from polymer clay as I'm sure you dont want a piece of saltdough hanging from your neck!!!!

  4. Hello....congrats you won my give away!
    Please leave your address on my comments won't be published and I'll get them out to you ASAP this week!
    Thank you for joining in!xxx


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