Monday, 17 August 2009

Any excuse...

Am I the only one who literally cannot resist popping into charity shops? especially if they are 'little old ones' where things are cheap/unpriced and you have to root around!

My mummy picked me up from a training day today as it was in a funny place which would have been difficult to get to by public transport (yes, I am spoilt rotten) and said she had discovered a great little charity shop just round the corner... 15 minutes later I emerged with a hand crocheted granny blanket, a yellow top with a bow (still with tags on), 'the best of jackie' which i wanted when it hit the shops a few christmases ago but didnt want to pay full price for, two yellow stripey pillowcases for my princess and the pea bedding 'project' , a vintage tape measure (the old man serving me really did not get why I didnt want the brand new one they had which 'also has centimetres on it'!), a vintage jam jar lid (i have a collection of these on a cake stand in my kitchen), and a twee little cow sugar bowl which is exactly the same as one that was in the kitchen when I was a little girl. I had completely forgotten about it but recognised it instantly when I saw it.

oh how i love tat...


  1. Lovely of you to join in...swaps are fun!xxx

  2. Oh didn't you do well! I love the "old" charity shops too. I don't really bother with the new ones.. some of them only sell clothes and don't bother with the bric a brac us bloggers love!

    Victoria xx

  3. We have a shop like that that they sort from and you can get old wooden chest of drawers with dovetail drawers for £2!!!
    You did very well hun! Love the inspired my find by the way...I saw it and thought of your post!!!
    Hows the blanket going now? think we shhould see an update on your progress so far ;~D
    I posted on your last message about our swap!
    Annie xx

  4. *cough* i dont think anyone would be that impressed with my blanket knitting progress!

    re the swap - I don't have a favourite colour! I love every colour! not very helpful I know...em i generally have the taste of either a 5 year old girl or an 85 year old lady if that helps! Can you email me your details to x

  5. It was a pleasure to read through all your posts and I remember that feeling checking to see what new comments were coming through!

    I've added you to my reader so I won't miss any more posts.

    Victoria x

  6. Oh, this post made me happy! It's lovely to read about a really good charity shop haul. If you want to track back to my Edinburgh Charity Shops Map posts, you will find some amazing shopping trips mentioned! However, here in France, we have two huge, warehouse-style charity shops instead of loads of little ones. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose... Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  7. Hello
    What a nice blog you have :) I love old rummagey charity shops too. We have an old church hall near us that has a Salvation Army shop in it and it's brill. Whatever you take to the till the bloke says oohhh erm 50p!!!
    Twiggy x

  8. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog!
    I'm so charmed by the doll house in your previous post~ Adorable!!
    Hope you have a lovely & creative week!


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