Tuesday, 11 August 2009

'New' Table

Do you spy what I spy out of my window?

Look... wouldn't that be lovely with a bit of oilcloth on top? Looks just the right size for a laptop/sewing machine table...

You can see the potential, right?

Look - it was fate! the binmen came literally one minute after I went out to rescue it!

(hmm I wonder if anyone noticed me taking photos of a bin, running out and dragging in a table, and then taking photos of the binmen???)

A wipe down, a bit of furniture re-arrangement, and a bit of cloth flung over the top to 'get the effect' later and - I think it's looking pretty good already!

My mum and dad did NOT agree when they popped in. Ah, they clearly have no taste!


  1. I Like it!! I would have done exactly the same thing hun!!

  2. Parents just don't understand do they!

    Victoria x


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