Friday, 28 August 2009

Presents & bed update

Yipee yipee yipee I got a parcel in the post today!

I won my very first give away - very lovely hangers handcovered in CK material by the very
lovely MelMel :)

With cute button frilly bits!

And there was a big bundle of CK goodies in the parcel as well!

A sweet little mirror, floral tissues, rose postcard & cute keyring

I squeaked with happiness when I saw the keyring - it is the very same one I have been coveting! I got the parcel when I came in from (yet another) driving lesson - I seem to be stuck and unable to get better so I was a bit fed up. The parcel cheered me up no end & so I have decided to keep the keyring by for now - one day it will have car keys attached to it!

(hmmm or maybe I should just use it now so I can see it everyday & then move it over if I ever become a motorist!)

Thanks so much MelMel! so thoughtful & generous :)

Look, the hangers have found a new home already! I am using them to hold the 3 seasonal coats I keep on hooks on the back of my cupboard door. (ps I am also proud to point out those 3 coats cost me a grand total of £1.80 ;) minus the brooches - they were a graduation present from my mum. I couldn't choose between the dolly and the gingerbread man so she got me both!)

While we are in my bedroom would you care to take a peek at my first attempt at princess-and-the-pea inspired bedding?

Mmmmmm, mismatched

Had to test it out...

Ouch! I must be a real princess!


  1. I love the way you have mixed the colours and patterns together, I just love it!!! Pop and visit me some time please! Suzie :)

  2. Hello!

    I'm so pleased you liked them!
    Its my first go at making the hangers, so was quite pleased that they turned out well!

    The CK goodies were just a small extra...the keyring is so cute!
    I love that design!
    I popped the tissues in cos lots of ppl are doing crafting stuff with decoupage......
    How exciting learning to drive...wish it was something I'd done......
    Good luck with your future lessons!
    Have super weekend!xxx

  3. You should definately make more, they are so cute

    Ah, yes - I don't think I could bring myself to sneeze on the tissues! I know a project they would be perfect for - although I have to find something in my mums loft before I can do it :S

  4. Your new bedding is lovely and didn't Mel through in some wonderful goodies for your giveaway.

    Victoria xx

  5. WOw thats a lovely giveaway prize!!! Love the bedding too!! Keep a look out for some more gifts coming through your letterbox!
    Thankyou for the lovely gifts, it was MUCH appreciated!! I have just posted on my blog about it!
    Annie x

  6. Hello again. I have 'a great blog' award for you which I really want you to have. Please pop over to my blog and copy it from my sidebar(at the top) I made it myself especially for the blogs I love! Suzie. :)


Thank you for all your comments! I get ridiculously pleased whenever I get one! xxx