Monday, 10 August 2009


My latest mission is to re-vamp by bedding, as I seem to have 'acquired' random douvet covers over the years rather than picking out things I love, and I am sick of the sight of a couple of my patterned sets

Presenting my new bedspiration -

Just at all those deliciously mismatched dots and stripes...

And having been ispired by some of you clever crafty blog ladies, guess what I did last night?

Ta da! My very first knitted square... I am rather ambitiously planning a knitted square double bed sized blanket as my first ever knitting project. So far so good - only a million more to go!


  1. WOW thats taken me back!! I had that exact same book! I used to love all the ladybird books!! they got destroyed when they lived in the attic and our roof leaked!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog abot the birdcage! My son does the same thing to that one!! Except he pretends he's Harry Potter!!
    Looking forward to seeing the progress in your blanket...I love the square so far!!;~)
    Annie x

  2. thanks, I'm up to 4 squares already ;)

    I will have to show off my full ladybird book collection soon - you ain't seen nothing yet! x

  3. my fav was cinderella! think she had 3 pretty dresses which I thought were fantastic! My fav being a blue on i think??

  4. ah yes, she has 3 pretty dresses, although the final cream one is clearly the best - I will put pics up sometime ;)

  5. Isn't knitting fun! I'm jealous you've found the Knitting Ladybird book.

    I love knitting... I made a cupcake the other night... it's not perfect and I need to practice some more but it's getting there!

    My mum's making knitted donuts for me at the moment!

    Victoria xx


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