Friday, 7 August 2009

dolly obsessions

Does anyone remember this little lady?

I re-read this a while ago and it has sparked off a couple of my latest obsessions

I got this 50's tri-ang dolls house from a jumble sale when I was a little girl. It was full of furniture and, if I remember correctly it was £1 (I generally have a terrible memory but for some reason I nearly always remember the cost of things and where I bought them!)

I have had it in my room for a while. I used to use it as storage, but when I read about the dolls being deperate to live in a house, and wishing and wishing with all their might, I just had to reinstate it as a family home!

A peek through the window...

And through the front door... (you can't make it out in the picture, but the knocker is actually my teeny tiny 'avon calling' brooch)

This is the bedroom (the bear and looby lou were my mummys when she was little)

And I have always loved the little bathroom. The suite still has the prices written in pencil on the back, 2'6 & 2'4...

I didn't have enough kitchen furniture, so I added some modern stuff I found in a charity shop

And here is the family and their many dogs nestled together in the livinig room. The two 'children' were my mums (can you spot where she chewed one of their feet off?) and I have had the two 'parents' since I was little. I sat them all in the same room because the house has no doors or stairs, and obviously I didn't want them to be stuck in separate rooms when they come to life and run around after I have gone to sleep ;)

I have also developed an obsession with dutch dolls, so I got this reproduction Florence Upton book and doll set on ebay for 99p. I love the little gingham dress that some little girl handmade once-upon-a-time.

I love how the dolls in the book made their dresses from an american flag!

I think I am going to ask santa for an antique dutch doll, as my obsession doesn't seem to fading!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog.....I'm sat reading your blog now...I remeber Tottie...such a cute dolly!xx


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